Yearning for Peace

Lee Davy

The War to end all Wars ushered in a new age.
A new society – no longer innocent, but free.
The futility became clear, the reality a rage.
The finality was evident – men maimed, ceased to be.
The ravages of war took their toll.

Family left behind on the home front had no ease.
Saw results of death and destruction strewn about.
The longer the war went on, they began to yearn for peace.
Lives were changed, ripped inside out.
The ravages of war began to roll.

Fabric of life was torn irrevocably.
We who follow grateful for sacrifices made for our gain.
Why can’t we keep peace, and learn from past pain?
The human heart continues to know.
The ravages of war endlessly flow.

Gone forever a way of life – yesterday gone, the future bleak.
Amidst the chaos, study to be quiet.
A tidal wave of grief – a tsunami unable to speak.
The remembrance became a sacred riot.
The ravages of war caused the world to stall.

An unstoppable force – a deep longing to reconnect.
Touched so very deeply – a shared consciousness, raw nerves.
The past, present and future collide, with effect.
Remembrance that is sacred, the poppies laid to serve.
The ravages of war take their toll.

The bell tolls, and life carries on.
But change has come, we are never the same again.
Yet peace can bloom in our hearts, to be watered, nurtured, stored.
To grow and share with love – to plant wisely, and harvest abundantly.
Then the ravages of war take their toll no more.