Recipe for Peace Cake

From Words for Peace by Ashlyn, 9 years old


50smiles for people you do not know
20waves for your family and friends
100kisses for brothers and sisters
Courage for people who don’t have family members.
Respect for others around you.
Love everyone who loves YOU!!!

Step 1.

Go to the shops and make sure you give fifty smiles to everyone you don’t know.

Step 2.

Make sure you wave twenty times to your family and friends.

Step 3.

Smother your brothers and sisters with one hundred kisses.

Step 4.

Give courage to people who are less fortunate than you and the people who are poor.

Step 5.

Be considerate and respectful to others around you.

Step 6.

Remember the special angels and God are always with you.

Step 7.

Make sure you Double love the people who love you.

Step 8.

Put them all in one heart and warm them up by being thankful.

Step 9.

Get them out of the heart and let it cool off then cut the cake and ENJOY!!!