A prayer for peace

Lee Davy

To pray for peace is of the essence.
It is a gift, a very real presence.
It is indeed a noble calling,
So needed in a divided world that is falling.

To build bridges, to point to where we are going,
To give, so full, to overflowing.
In peace all good things are sown.
In peace the future becomes known.

The way is steep, the yearning deep.
The peace is failing, the world is trailing,
But the work goes on, strivings do not cease.
We must persist, endure, to keep the peace.

Victory will be ours, when we humbly see
We do not own and control the fragile economy.
The cut and thrust of turmoil and strife,
The giddy heights of all of life.

Once we surrender, we will be enabled, to defy.
Our judgement transformed in the blink of an eye,
We will a prayer warrior be, on our knees to fight another day,
To ring out a resounding peace. Amen all say!