From Words for Peace by Aidan, 17 years

For me, peace is freedom. Freedom from conflict, from war. Freedom from pain. Freedom from isolation. Freedom from despair. Freedom to be whoever you, no matter where you are.

Peace is life in its purest, untouched form. It is fluid and always sought-after. Crime, war, pain and anguish all soil any attempts at creating real peace. Yet, peace exists, in its many forms. In its own way, peace is a form of love; a free, far-reaching and equal form of love. It is the truest, most greatest form of love. There is a sanctity to peaceful environments. Something ancient. Something molecular. Some say that the universe is comprised of an unending torrent of chaotic moments, with every rock, every cell, every piece of matter striving to exist. Yet, they are all striving for their own individual moment of true peace, where they can exist untroubled.

Doesn't this show that peace is the most important thing that can exist? Peace, perhaps, is the most important thing we can strive towards achieving. Perhaps, even, we exist to find peace, to seek it out in all of the chaos. If this is so, then could peace be the balancing point, singing into the mess and the darkness to soothe them?

These questions are important, but they are little comfort for those who actively strive towards peace, those who would lay down their lives to stop any other from being hurt. It is to those people, those precious sentinels of freedom, that we send our awe, our hope and our love. May we draw inspiration from them and seek peace in our own lives.