2016 Garage Sale Trail

Bonnie Goodfellow

The shed was grandpa's space,
for withdrawing.
His 'drawing room,
his chance for peace.
Now, that he's well
passed, our grandkids stand
a chance to pry,
to find his last piece
of mind: written in musty mess
and hidden by planks
from spying eyes.

But how, do tell,
can we explain
why kindness meant we left him
there, to dwell so much alone?
And why, now, we must all learn
to dig, and find what
ailed his times -
from written scraps
and photo snaps -
through wars and
struggletown downs.

Our nation's psyche -
to be or not to be
treasured – or turfed out and free
to passersby at
this year's garage sale trail.