The Soldier

AJ Thomas Bennett

A young boy grows up to be a man
And together they’ll all make a fighting stand
The glory Short
But the victory Grand
As one by one they fall to the land

It’s for your country – Men
They’re told
So they fight on so brave and bold
Not one of them will they grow old
As their bodies lie still
And forever cold…

I need your forgiveness for all I have wronged
For it is your strength not mine which makes me grow strong…

Pray for me
As I lie in the trench
My nostrils assaulted by death’s evil stench

Pray for me
As my body does burn
Has history taught you what we did not learn?

Pray for me
Choose peace
In all, you must share
My triumph is yours
Provided you care

Pray for me
Kneel by my grave
For it was your life,
Not mine
I was willing to save