Words for Peace

From Words for Peace by James, 17 years old

The pursuit of peace, from deep within,
The feeling of cleansing an eternal sin.
Peace is defined as the absence of war,
But to each person it means a great deal more.
To me peace is a smile, on a carefree face,
The feeling of serenity, in which we chase.

When you open the curtain and the sun kisses your cheek,
When you see a child, so joyful and meek.
When you smell a new book and gain a friend,
To when you turn the last page, and tie the loose end.
When I imagine myself, in the future years,
I wish to be at peace with myself and my peers.

Peace is realising that perfection does not exist,
It’s when you accept the opportunities that you’ve missed.
No one can teach you what peace really means,
But it is present in everyone, from angels to fiends.
Peace can be achieved in more ways than one,
It’s different for everybody, for some it’s a walk and others a run.

Peace is when you laugh at yourself, for doing something wrong,
When your own imperfections are what make you so strong.
Peace will save you, from who you once were,
It will quell your internal rage and anger.
It will free you from your bonds of this mere state,
Where there is no one but you, who will dictate.

Peace is present, in an open mind,
But my dear friend, it’s for you to find.
When you stare upon death, deep in the eyes,
Is your heart pounding?
Spilling painful cries?
Or do you welcome it, because you know it won’t cease,
You know it is present, an ever-growing peace.