Death of a soldier

Ella Edwards

When was that? the
old man said.

When was that? The
old man said.

I knew that man before
he was dead.

I can tell you over
his death bed.

A soldier a serviceman
in armed forces served.

When we were young,
our hearts were free.

Came home and joined
the army reserves.

But we grew old as
friends just him and me.

The story was told of
a battle fought.

As the coffin lowered
into the dirt.

Of courage or stupidity
the answer we sought.

The widow wiped a tear
with the hem of her skirt.

Lives were lost, just
numbers all gone.

The old man held out a
hand and wrapped his arm

Young men of Australia
in France's Somme.

round her to make
her feel calm.

The funeral was held
at the local church.

An old soldier long
after the glory.

The widow almost fell
as she lurched.

Remembers the
fighting and the gory.

He had survived the
conflict and came home.

A hero at least in
everyone's eyes,

Was never the same
just skin and bone.

that were attending
those sad goodbyes.