Since 1915 – Looking Back

Main Source: Australian War Memorial
40,000,000Estimated global deaths from 1918-19 Spanish Flu epidemic
20,000,000Global WW1 casualties
16,000,000Global WW1 deaths
8,000,000Estimated hours of WW1 Australian knitting
7,000,000Immigrants who came to Australia between 1945 and 2015
3,000,000Hand knit items sent to WW1 from NSW Aboriginal stations
1,000,000Pairs of hand knit Australian socks sent to WW1
700,000Refugees welcomed to Australia between 1945 and 2015
62,000Australian deaths in WW1
62,000Australian war-related deaths after the war
45,000Australian deaths on the Western Front
8,141Australian deaths in the Gallipoli campaign