15 haiku for the Anzac Centenary


All in the one boat...

Live life sans frontieres:

hold no one beyond the pale,

our paling fences.

Don't Trifle with Peace

No pettifogging

pomes allowed; no custardy

quibbles in joke books.

Fragments of the Dead

You need to dig deep

to bury your father - search

to match puzzle pieces.

I Knit Because I Am: Part 1

Row on serried row,

forge on into the future,

knitting at the ready.

I Knit Because I Am: Part 2

Knit with others, for

the injured: needle them to

weave in health and warmth.

Loved Ones Lost in War

Your life was like a

red, red rose - faded, wasted

scent, blood shipp'd offshore.

Past Tense / Future Wars

When did our Now start?

Past tensions feed our future

through rivers of time.

So She Knits

Eye far horizons

knit'n'weave distractions, take

thought away from hurt.

Why haiku?

Short shrift poems help

unknot binding ties that keep

us from finding peace.

Bagarap Empires

lie rusted in the

sun - while infinite oceans

pool up all our tears.

Folding Cranes

Sadako died in

fifty five, just twelve years old:

one thousand cranes down.

I Knit Because I Am: Part 3

Knit, fast or slow, with

mind-full ease: care less of

ends than peace-full means.

Naked Truth

See otherwise: close

all eyes to hear truth disclosed

sans emperor's clothes.

PeaceKnits: How to...

bring back together -

weave warp'n'weft those sent to

war - those left behind?


There is no trouble

that can't be halved by sharing

a good cuppa tea.

Boni Maywald